With purpose comes clarity

Hattery is a space where extraordinary companies grow.

Hattery is a shared work studio, event space, and education hub in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood. We’re a community of entrepreneurs building products and technologies that will make a positive impact on the world.

Our dynamic office promotes a culture of innovation, craft, and the exchange of powerful ideas. With a variety of flexible meeting spaces and resources, our studio can be hacked to fit your purpose each day. This is a place for startups to learn, collaborate, create, scale, and connect.
Want to join us? Email info@hattery.com to schedule a tour of our space and learn more about membership.

Home-Cooked, Human-Centered

We’re more than just a place to plug-in. We’re a community of thinkers, makers, doers, idealists, and realists who want to make the world better, and we have some smart ideas about how to do it. Our power comes from our community, which is why we share a delicious, home-cooked, and locally-sourced lunch every day.

Beyond SoMa

Our community extends well past the walls of our SoMa offices. We host events that bring key influencers, creators, policymakers, and the brightest minds into our space. Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities, a venue to launch your latest product, or an all-night place to hack, we run a steady program of events with and for our members.

Entrepreneurial Education

When you’re building a company, chances
are you’ll be wearing many hats. We provide
an environment and community for your continuing education, so you can become even better at what you do. We share our space and partner with General Assemb.ly,
making access to their classes easy for our members.


Knowing what you stand for
and where you want to
go makes implementation purposeful and productive.
We combine understanding of people, culture, and business, to define the critical elements of your project or organization and help you express your purpose.
Our culture is our strength

With not for

We work collaboratively and openly within our own team and with our clients. Our multidisciplinary team works arm-in-arm with our clients to create products that have immediate application and make real, long-lasting impact.

Startup Speed

We’re scrappy, and we’ll stay that way. We work fast and smart, and this gives us the freedom and flexibility to blaze a trail or take a different fork if it’s the best path.


We place an equal emphasis on teaching and learning. We’re innately curious and by sharing knowledge and experiences we believe we can produce more impactful work. This cross-pollination of ideas — with clients and on our own team — often leads us to unexpected and exciting outcomes.

What’s your purpose?

We’re here because we’re purpose driven: we want to make a visible impact on projects we believe in. Through partnering with the smartest and most creative minds in the world today, we can solve the challenges facing this generation and the next.