Josh Mendelsohn

Josh is a founder and fund principal at Hattery. He enjoys building things that work, whether they be companies or organizations, or stuff that requires superglue.

A veteran of a number of Silicon Valley companies, Josh’s career has been largely focused on helping startups and nonprofits scale to support growing customer and user bases.

Before Hattery, Josh was Director of Business Operations at TuneIn, a best selling mobile music application. He was responsible for moving the company from Dallas to Palo Alto, and led the support, finance, recruiting, HR, and broadcaster and user relationships teams. Josh also led Colligy, an innovative project in which machine learning and linguistic algorithms were used to derive relationships among seemingly disparate news content.

Josh started his career with the Federal Government at the Department of the Treasury and Department of Defense, and worked as a Program Manager at Google for six years. Josh has an A.B. in Government from Harvard University.

Josh loves all kinds of mac and cheese, and is known around the office for being able to take a ten minute power nap just about anywhere.