A better way to give

Many people give charitably, but the process of charitable giving is outdated. Online transactions are a quickly growing share of total U.S. commerce, but less than 8% of charitable giving currently takes place online. Bright Funds is a platform that makes it easy to give to one, a few, or many causes you care about. It allows you to manage your giving like you would a mutual fund portfolio, where the causes have already been vetted, validated, and continue to get regular performance updates.

How do we make charitable giving simple and enjoyable?

Giving should be a satisfying act, but in reality it is often high effort, low joy. The charitable giving space is bloated. There are over one million nonprofits in the U.S. alone, and it is difficult for people to sort through the vast array of causes and organizations available in order to feel confident that they are actually helping to solve the problems they care about. The Bright Funds product needed to address these problems by creating an intuitive, transparent, and enjoyable user experience.

Re-imagining the experience of giving

Hattery worked with Bright Funds to conduct a step-by-step analysis of the product they had conceived. We then re-imagined each step of the process with the emotional and rational drivers of the user in mind, to ensure that the interactions and information presented not only answered their needs, but also compelled them forward. We wanted to make the Bright Funds experience both delightful and easy to use. We designed the experience with intuitive flow in mind, but also an attention to approachable, visual beauty, to give people a sense of pleasure in the act of giving.

Building confidence

On top of compelling people through the process, we wanted the giving they did to feel credible and personal to them. We made giving more personal by centering it around the causes people care about, not just organizations they may or may not have heard of. To prove the power of these cause-based funds, we created a space for more in-depth descriptions of the global-view strategy that defined each fund. By providing an outlet for this type of content, we could allow users to explore and see that Bright Funds had done its due diligence in picking its causes and organizations.

Investing in a better world.

The new look was launched in a beta site in September of 2012. Not only has Bright Funds built credibility with various NGOs, who now have contracts with the company, it has also won over investors and users as they move forward into their next stage of growth. With a user experience that fits more closely with their purpose of giving people a way to invest in the causes they care about, Bright Funds is well on their way to remaking the online giving space.